Alexis Neiers (age 32)

June 20, 1991
Los Angeles
United States

[Alexis Neiers] Introduction

Alexis Christine Haines (née Neiers; born June 20, 1991) is a former television personality and a member of the 'Bling Ring', a group of teenagers that targeted the homes of several celebrities in a string of burglaries. She was arrested at the age of 18 and convicted of one count of first degree residential burglary, for which she served one month of a six-month sentence. Her career in Hollywood ended after her struggles with addiction and the aftermath of being part of the 'Bling Ring'. Haines got sober when she was 19 and used her platform to help those struggling with drug problems, becoming a columnist for Vice. She hosts the podcast Recovering From Reality, which began in 2019.

[Alexis Neiers] Media, career and personal life

Alexis Neiers, born to Mikel Neiers and Andrea Arlington was raised in Hollywood. At sixteen, she dropped out of high school to pursue a career in Hollywood and was GED supervised by her mother. She worked briefly as a hip-hop and pole dancing instructor and also went on to become a lingerie model and appeared in a MTV video for Marilyn Manson. At the time of the burglaries, Haines had been kicked out of her mother's home and was staying with a “Bling Ring” co-defendant.

After the airing of “Pretty Wild,” images of Haines and her costar, Tess Taylor, were released on Haines was then sentenced to rehab, which she attended along with Taylor. After being sober for eleven years, Haines now works as a CASAC certified drug and alcohol counselor, a columnist for Vice, a doula, a host of a podcast called “Recovering from Reality,” and is a part of Alo House Recovery Centers. In 2012, Haines married Evan Haines, a Canadian businessman, and had two daughters. In 2021, they separated and Haines reported she had moved on with a “supportive” boyfriend. Haines identifies as queer.

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