Bill Moyers (age 89)

June 5, 1934
Hugo, Oklahoma
United States

[Bill Moyers] Introduction

Bill Moyers, born Billy Don Moyers on June 5, 1934, is an American journalist and political commentator who served as the eleventh White House Press Secretary under the Johnson administration from 1965 to 1967. He was the director of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1967 to 1974, as well as a network TV news commentator for a decade. Moyers is an acclaimed producer of documentaries and news journal programs, having won numerous awards and honorary degrees for his investigative journalism and civic activities. His reputation as a fervent critic of the corporately structured U.S. news media has made him widely known.

[Bill Moyers] Personal life

Bill Moyers married Judith Suzanne Davidson, a producer, on December 18, 1954 and they have three children and five grandchildren. Bill's son William Cope Moyers detailed his struggles to overcome alcoholism and crack addiction in his book Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption, in which he includes letters from his father, which he describes as "a testament to a father's love for his son, a father's confusion with his son, and ultimately, a father's satisfaction with his son." His other son, John Moyers, was involved in the foundation of, "an online public affairs journal of progressive analysis and commentary." Bill's daughter, Suzanne Moyers, who was a former teacher and editor, has just published her first novel, ‘Til All These Things Be Done (She Writes Press; September 13, 2022).

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