Donna Rice Hughes (age 66)

January 7, 1958
Delacroix Island, Louisiana
United States

[Donna Rice Hughes] Introduction

Donna Rice Hughes (born January 7, 1958) is an American activist, author, speaker and film producer. She is the president and chairperson of Enough Is Enough, an organization advocating for Internet safety. Hughes became well-known in 1987 when her involvement in a political scandal contributing to the end of Senator Gary Hart's second campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for President was publicized.

[Donna Rice Hughes] Early life

Donna Rice grew up near Columbia, South Carolina, graduating from Irmo High School and the University of South Carolina where she was a Phi Beta Kappa and cheerleader. After achieving a Bachelor of Science in Biology, she won the Miss South Carolina World pageant and moved to New York to compete nationally. Subsequently relocating to Miami, Rice worked as a marketing representative for Wyeth Laboratories in South Florida, as well as an actress, featuring in a number of TV commercials, a Miami Vice episode, and the films The Last Plane Out and One Life to Live.

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 Educated at

  • University of South Carolina


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