Moyna Macgill

December 10, 1895
Date of Death
November 25, 1975
Place of Death
Los Angeles
United Kingdom

[Moyna Macgill] Biography

Moyna Macgill was an accomplished actress from Belfast, Ireland. She was the mother of Angela Lansbury, Edgar, and Bruce Lansbury, all of whom went on to have successful careers in film and television. In 2020, Macgill was listed as number 35 on The Irish Times' list of top 100 Irish film actors. She had a strong presence in the Irish and British film and theater industry for over 50 years. Macgill's body of work demonstrated a wide range of characters, with strong, assertive women being a regular feature. She also had a long-running role as Gran in the popular 1990s sitcom, Keeping Up Appearances. Macgill's life and career are an inspiration to aspiring actors and those in the Irish and British film industry.

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