Robert Faesi

[Robert Faesi] Introduction

Robert Faesi (Swiss Standard German pronunciation: [ˈroːbɛrt ˈfɛːzi]; 10 April 1883, Zürich – 10 September 1972, Zollikon) was a Swiss writer and academic concerned with Literature and language

[Robert Faesi] Life

. Robert Faesi was a Swiss Germanist, literary historian, and novelist born into an affluent Zürich family in 1885. After completing his schooling, he studied law and German studies, obtaining his doctorate in 1907 with a dissertation on Abraham Emanuel Fröhlich, a nineteenth century poet-theologian. He took a position as a high school teacher and eventually ended up at the University of Zurich where he was appointed professor for the history of modern Swiss and German literature. Various distinctions followed at the university and in 1953 he was made an emeritus professor. Faesi wrote monographs about classic writers such as Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, Carl Spitteler, Rainer Maria Rilke and Thomas Mann, and also wrote a history of recent Swiss literature. He also contributed to the popular literary canon with his own works, such as his story Fusilier Wipher and Zürcher-trilogy of novels about Zürich during the first half of the nineteenth century. His letters and other documentary material are held in the Manuscript department at the Zürich Central Library.

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