Suzy Amis Cameron (age 61)

January 5, 1962
Birth Name
Susan Elizabeth Amis
Oklahoma City
Suzy Amis Cameron
United States

Suzy Amis Cameron (Film producer, Executive producer, Actor, Model (person))

[Suzy Amis Cameron] Biography

Suzy Amis Cameron is an American environmental advocate, former actress, and model. She began her acting career in 1985 and is most recognized for her roles in The Ballad of Little Jo, The Usual Suspects, and Titanic. Since her retirement from acting in 1998, she has been an advocate for veganism, sustainability, and climate change awareness. Her numerous projects include co-founding MUSE School, an all-vegan primary and secondary education school; Cameron Family Farms and Food Forest Organics, a vegan café; and several environmental initiatives to promote sustainable fashion and eco-friendly dieting.

[Suzy Amis Cameron] Early life and career

Suzy Amis was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and began her career as a Ford model in the 1980s. She then began to work in Hollywood and is most well-known for her role as Rose's granddaughter Lizzie in Titanic. She also had significant roles in movies such as The Usual Suspects and The Ballad of Little Jo.

[Suzy Amis Cameron] Personal life

In 1986, Suzy Amis married actor Sam Robards, her co-star in Fandango, and his son from his mother, Lauren Bacall and his father, Jason Robards. This resulted in them having a son, Jasper, before eventually divorcing in 1994. After the release of Titanic, Amis was reunited with director James Cameron, although they didn't marry until 2000. Together, they have three children and in 2020, they became the permanent guardians for one of their daughter's teenage friends. The family now lives on an organic farm in Hollister Ranch.

[Suzy Amis Cameron] Notable Works

The Usual Suspects
Blown Away
Titanic (film)
The Ballad of Little Jo

[Suzy Amis Cameron] Awards

Awards Circuit Community Awards Film Independent Spirit Awards
National Board of Review

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Twitter @suzymusing

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